Creandum has been an early investor in many of the most well known and successful Nordic companies including Spotify, Vivino, Klarna, and Kahoot just to name a few.

In today’s episode, we are speaking with Carl Fritjofsson who runs the San Francisco office serving as a bridge to Creandum’s European founders as their companies expand into the US. Join us as we discuss how this tech VC is investing into the future of food and how European startups should be considering internationalization.

2:30 What is Creandum? What is your role? 

We’ve mostly been focused on consumer software plays.

3:19 What is your journey from entrepreneur to venture capitalist?

4:13 What are you looking at around FoodTech investment? What areas or problem spaces are you interested in? 

6:20 What do you consider to be a great investment case? 

We look for extraordinary passion and ambition. 

7:51 What do you look for in Nordic companies when making investments?

In the Nordics, they are small countries so entrepreneurs have to think internationally from day one.  

10:52 How can a startup best pitch your firm? Any advice? 

Most early stage pitches to a fund like ours is all about storytelling and creating emotion regarding what you are trying to create. 

12:13 You have offices in the US and Europe. How can a company best get in touch? What should be their strategy? 

The best way to get an introduction to us is by referral from another entrepreneurs we’ve invested in. 

15:10 How long does it normally take for you to complete an investment? 

We think of a Creandum investment as 10-15 year relationship. 

17:27 How do you help companies to grow and scale internationally as their investor?

We help founders connect with others who have recently done a similar journey.   

20:00 Does a startup need to set up an office in a country like the US if they want to internationalize? 

Internationalization costs a lot of money. 

22:30 From your perspective as an entrepreneur, do you have any advice from your own journey that you would like to pass on? 

At Wrapp, we expanded too fast, too early. 

26:00 What is your vision for what the food ecosystem will look like in 10-15 years?

Success breeds success.