My name is Analisa and I am the Host and Producer of the Nordic FoodTech Podcast. How I started the podcast is a really good, serendipitous story, which you can listen to here.

The red thread in my career has always been connecting people to build amazing things together. I have worked in the startup world for the last 10 years in various ecosystem developer roles. Today, I am a freelance consultant focused on connecting, communicating, and coaching.

I share a little about my philosophy, my background, and how I work in each area below. If you are interested in working together, you can contact me at nordicfoodtechpodcast[at]gmail.com. I am also on Instagram @nordicfoodtech and LinkedIn. Please include who you are and how you are looking to work together when you reach out!


I work as a venture scout for different corporations and investment funds connecting them to startups for investment or strategic partnership. My focus is largely on food, but from time to time I dabble in business matchmaking for other verticals. Sometimes I work through the investment process helping with due diligence and other times, I help to set up and implement strategic partnerships.


I have three offerings around coaching. I focus on working with entrepreneurs, individuals looking to transition into a career in food and ag, as well as pitch training and giving feedback on a startup’s fundraising deck.

What we tackle will larger depend on your current situation and what you are looking to step into. Typically, I work with my clients on developing their values, vision, and then actioning what they want to design in their lives next. You can book me for an hour to pick my brain or set up a longer-term coaching relationship where we work together over six sessions. Sign up for coaching here.


The Nordic FoodTech Podcast is focused on enabling peer-to-peer connection across the food system. The show spotlights individuals and organizations creating the future through food. At the end of every episode, guests are asked to share their vision for the future, how they think we will get there, as well as what they are looking for in terms of collaboration and the best ways to get in touch with them. The hope is to make it easier for like-minds to reach out and connect from different geographies and industries.

I do collaborate with organizations, conferences, and events that are interested in promoting themselves via the podcast. I also do keynotes on what is happening within food and ag, facilitate conferences and workshops, and speak on panels. Here is an example keynote I gave in Korea on “What’s Cooking in the Nordics” and a discussion I moderated on The Future of Cheese at the Sweden Big Meet.

My Philosophy

I have been lucky in my career to work with amazing people who are living their values and creating the world that they want to see daily. A world that puts people and planet first. I believe that we already have everything we need to create a positive future, but we will need to work together to roll the solutions out at scale.

At their core, businesses are really a network of relationships. I firmly believe that the future, and many great businesses, will be built through partnership models. What I offer is collaboration as a service, which focuses on bringing the right partners together based on shared values and a common vision.


Values are what creates a company’s culture. They bind people together when navigating the highs and the lows. A common vision is what drives people to work together. If each person and team are not aware of their organizations’ values and vision, they cannot authentically represent the company or engage external parties with integrity.

At the core of my work is a deep curiosity and interest in people and what we can achieve when we all show up true to our values and then lend our strengths to build that common vision. This is why I find working on a systems-level with large organizations just as important as coaching the individual driving the work within that organization.

My vision is to be an information booth, facilitating people to get to where they want to go while learning and connecting in the process. The values that ground me and guide every aspect of my life are curiosity, community, communication, and leadership.

My Background

I first started my career working at SingularityU Nordic. I was the Director of Community and Entrepreneurship managing a 5,000 m2 co-working space with 400 members all focused on using technology in different ways to solve the world’s biggest challenges. I was also the Program Director of the early-stage startup accelerator thinkubator. After that, I worked for a couple of startups doing communications, fundraising, and business development before finding my way into the food.

I lived and was Chairman of the entrepreneurial co-living space Nest Copenhagen. I studied my BsC in International Business at the Copenhagen Business School where I was a GLOBE scholar. My Masters is in Management of Innovation and Business Development also at CBS. I am a certified CPCC coach from CTI as well as a proud angel investor in a few startups. I loooove talking about my career journey to students. If you ever need a speaker, contact me!

What I do for fun
In my spare time, I explore new restaurants, neighborhoods, and countries. I cook, do yoga, dance (salsa and bachata, reggaeton, afrobeats, and disco!), hike, and read. I also love musical theater and jazz.