My name is Analisa and I am the Host and Producer of the Nordic FoodTech Podcast.

I started the show to put a spotlight on individuals and organizations who are creating the future through food across the Nordics and sometimes from other parts of the world too. In every episode, I ask guests what their vision for the future food system is and how they’re working on getting us there.  I also ask them about the collaborations / help they’re looking for to make it happen.

It’s my firm belief that to solve our issues around food, we will all have to work together. This is why after sharing their story and where they’re looking for help, I make all guests share their contact information at the end of the interview. The whole goal of the show is to foster more peer-to-peer connection across the food value chain.

And it’s working!

Our food system is global as are the listeners of the show, which come from more than 80 countries. Since I got started, I’ve heard stories of people finding jobs through the podcast, collaborating on projects, solving problems, and starting businesses.

For some more background on me, outside of hosting the podcast I work as an ecosystem developer within the food system putting relationships together than can create change. Typically, I partner with corporate innovation divisions or corporate venture capital arms to co-design their investment and partnership strategy. I also connect them to the ecosystem by sourcing investment and partnership opportunities. Examples of deals I have worked on include PINC’s investment into Kaffe Bueno and Ingka’s investment into Doconomy.

You can think of this work as a business matchmaking. I often refer to it as collaboration-as-a-service. All of my work no matter who I partner with focuses on how we can facilitate connection between uncommon partners to better our food system.

In addition to my consulting work, I offer keynotes, moderate conferences, and facilitate workshops as well as panel discussions. I also coach a small roster of clients.