I am a firm believer that you can design whatever life you want, but first you need to get clear on WHAT you desire. Then, we can get down to the business of creating it.

In this workshop, I take you through the exercises I do every year and every quarter to check in and design what I want to create next based on my vision and values.

We start with a guided visualization before using on of my favorite tools to set intentions for the year. This will get you clear on where you want to go personally and professionally and what needs to shift to make your dreams happen.

This is an invitation to carve out some YOU time and explore what you really want to focus your time, energy, and resources on.

This workshop is open to anyone and perfect for you if:

✔ You’re ready to make a change in 2023

✔ You’ve been playing with the idea of starting you own business, but aren’t sure what that would look like

✔ You’re amazing at what you do, but feel there is something more for you

✔ You have an entrepreneurial spirit and have been known to create magic from nothing

You are the artist of your life. What will you create this year?

– Analisa

The workshop is $25 and a replay of the live session held earlier this month.