There are a lot of amazing stories to be told and perspectives to share! From time to time, I team up with different events, companies, and organizations to do a series of themed podcast. Here are some recent examples!

Taste the Transition, Nordic Council of Ministers
In December 2019, the 25th COP meeting was held, which is the supreme decision making body of the United Nations responsible for setting the world’s climate policies. Smaller regional events took place including in Stockholm where The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic FoodTech Podcast teamed up to share stories of different actors taking climate action through food to raise awareness about #NordicClimateAction.

Sustainability in Retail Forum
Brought in by the Sustainability in Retail Forum as part of the Nordic Food Fair to interview keynote speakers on how they are working with sustainability in their retail operations. The conference brought together thought leaders and experts to discuss sustainability issues, challenges, and opportunities through case studies and examples.