Are you looking to invest in the future of food? Or maybe you want to get an introduction to the thriving FoodTech ecosystem? Perhaps it’s that you and your team want to be inspired by what’s happening on the ground from grassroots initiatives to cutting-edge startups!

Venture Scouting
In my consulting practice, I’ve acted as a venture scout sourcing investment opportunities that are strategically aligned with an organization’s goals. For a corporate that might mean finding startups, accelerators, incubators, and researchers working in key growth areas. For the public sector or a foundation, it might be understanding what’s going on in the ecosystem and sourcing opportunities for partnership. I vet and prime the leads to make sure they are a match with your strategic goals.

Ecosystem Tours
Once key stakeholders have been identified, it’s possible to set up high-impact introduction tours where I facilitate in-person meetings to accelerate the conversation.

Alternatively, maybe your team is just looking for inspiration and new knowledge to inspire their work. I set up learning safari and knowledge tours where you can meet people who are making a difference and learn from them first hand.

References available upon request!