A visionary leader knows a better world is possible

They surround themselves with the right people. They know their worth.

They live their values. They communicate clearly and effectively.

They defy the naysayers. They weather any storm with grace.

They are inspired and inspiring. They champion peace, harmony, and love.

They hold their vision for the future with confidence and strength.

They facilitate transformation and innovation.

They chose to do things differently. They know that change is coming.

Their job is to lead the way.

Some do it inside organizations. Others on the edges. All are determined to positively transform our world through business.

Sound like you?

About Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership is a bespoke executive coaching program for founders, executives, and intrapreneurs building the companies of tomorrow.

This program will support you in doing the work you were born to lead by honing your leadership style, expanding your capacity to shepherd innovative ideas forward, and affect positive change through business.

How It Works

You will receive customized coaching tailored to your organizational needs, goals, and objectives.

The executive leadership coaching program is

The program consists of 12 sessions with the option to renew and continue the coaching relationships thereafter.

Calls take place every 2-3 weeks.

The Visionary Leadership program is $5,000

About Your Coach

For over a decade, Analisa has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators in leading organizational change, translating their vision for the future, and connecting with the right partners to make it happen.

Analisa works with innovators who are using technology such as blockchain, AI, machine learning, 3D printing, biotech, deeptech, nanotech, biomimicry, and more to solve the sustainable development goal.

In addition to working with entrepreneurs, Analisa has a background in corporate venture capitalism and impact investing. Her clients have included Novozymes, IKEA, PINC, and Co-Created.

Analisa is the host of the popular Future Food podcast and a passionate ecosystem developer. Her network is filled with changemakers using business to transform the food system.

What clients are saying about Visionary Leadership:

Working with Analisa, I’ve allowed myself to dream on a bigger scale, actually write down what I want, and start taking actions to make it happen. Analisa showed me that creating a new role around my skills and passions is possible when you know your full value and how to convey it.As your coach, she will help you dig deeper into your why for more clarity and create an actionable path forward.

— Juliana Silva

If you want to get off autopilot and step into the drivers seat of your life, work with Analisa. You won’t regret it.

– Former Client

I knew I wanted to transition into a career in food, but I had no idea where to start or what I wanted to do. Through Analisa’s coaching, I found the confidence to leave my corporate job working as a VP for a Fortune 500 company and started my own fund investing in the agrifood space. She helped me figure out what I wanted out of my next chapter and gave me the tools to make it happen.

– Former Client

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