Advertising with the Nordic FoodTech Podcast is a great opportunity to reach a targeted audience of people interested in sustainability, technology, and the future of food.

Listeners come from 80+ countries (additional demographic data is available upon request) and the show is in the top 25% of all downloaded podcasts. Each episode interviews an individual or organization creating a better future through food. Ad placements typically last 60-90 seconds and are integrated into the show’s introduction.

The ads are evergreen meaning they are not replaced over time. This continuously brings the cost of the ad down over time as listeners continue to download the show. For pricing, please get in touch with us at

Placements typically focus on:

🚀 Supporting new product launches

🚀 Creating brand awareness

🚀 Advertising open positions for hire

🚀 Announcing fundraising rounds, kickstarters, etc

🚀 Promoting products and services that help food companies build their business

🚀 Seeking distributors, partnerships, or other help from the community

To advertise with the Nordic FoodTech Podcast, send an email to