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The Art & Science of Startup Fundraising {Video Guest Post}

How can startups in the climate, ag, and foodtech space get the funding they need to scale their solutions? Climentum Capital, a European VC, asked me to come on their podcast Climate Insiders to discuss just that. I speak with Partner Yoann Berno about the art and science of fundraising giving you a behind the scenes look at how investors think, make decisions on deal flow, and what they typically look for.

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Instict vs. Intuition-Based Leadership

One of my favorite questions to ask leaders is: what is your relationship to your intuition? This question always leads to a fascinating conversation about how our intuition does or doesn’t influence decision-making. This is also a topic I love to discuss with my coaching clients. Our bodies carry so much wisdom and data around what we should do, but it can take time and practice for us to get in touch with our intuition and trust it as a knowledge source. In this episode, I explore the role of intuition in business.

3 mistakes to avoid when pitching foreign investors

As a startup you have to pitch all of the time. As your company grows and takes on new markets and foreign investors, you have to adapt your pitch to speak to them. This means some cultural adjustments in how you do business.  I just wrapped up doing the pitch coaching for the Nordic US Food Summit and noticed 3 common mistakes that almost all startups made when approaching the US market. In this minisode, I share what they are and how you can avoid them when pitching any VC, potential partner, or customer located outside of your home operating market. nLike the show? Consider becoming a patron on Substack.  You’ll get access to exclusive content like Analisa’s travel notes and  episode transcripts. Most importantly, your contribution directly  enables the creation of more content like this. Contributions start at  $5.  Sign up here.  nnWebsite: nInstagram: @nordicfoodtech nShow Host: Analisa Winther