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Baltic Studies Centre Dr. Mikelis Grivins on foraging across Europe, the Latvian food system, and alternative food networks

Dr. Mikelis Grivins is a senior researcher at the Baltic Studies Centre, a research institute focused on studying sustainable rural and regional development, agro-food systems, farming and innovations. We dive in Dr Grivins work on alternative food networks, foraging, and wild foods across Europe. We also discuss similarities and differences between the Nordic and Baltic food systems. There’s lots of food for thought in this episode as we explore history, philosophy, regulation, black markets, and new perspectives.

  • 2:30 Overview of The Baltic Food System and how it has evolved¬†
  • 8:30 Why alternative food systems are important
  • 20:00 4 types of foragers across Europe
  • 30:50 Exploitation, transparency & regulation in the wild food market
  • 50:40 The Nordics-Baltic food system and why collaboration is important¬†

This podcast was recorded live at the Future of Food Hackathon in Riga, Latvia and is supported by the Nordic Council of Minister’s Office in Latvia. For more conversation, join our community on Instagram and hear more episodes on