Our  guest today is Pernille Nielsen from KBH Madhus or the Copenhagen House of Food. KBH Madhus has a mission is to change society through better meals and they’ve been doing this by helping the kitchens of hospitals, schools, and other public institutions go 90% organic, often on the same budget. So many meals are made in the public sector, that this kind of institutional change has massive impact.  In this episode, we talk about the process KBH Madhus uses as well as how any kitchen – big or small, private or public – can do the same.

Food systems are the holy grail of interconnectedness. 

3:35 What is KBH Madhus 

We need to reteach and remind people in the kitchens how to do things from scratch. So much wisdom has been lost.

7:20 What definition do you use for organic 

Denmark was one of the first nations to do a law on organic production. 

8:10 How do you have help kitchen go 90% organic on the same budget?’

10:35 The role that convenience plays in a primarily organic kitchens

11:55 How do you work with change management in terms of changing kitchen staff’s image of their role? 

If we had all the money in the world, we would have every kitchen staff go out to meet the producers providing them with the ingredients. It has a profound and beautiful impact. 

15:20 Advice for any kitchen to transition to being organic on the same budget (or cheaper) 

Don’t just replace all the items on your shelf with organic items! 

17:03 The work that KBH Madhus is doing with kids and the creation of the EAT program 

18:00 What is your vision for the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem in 10-15 years? 

We need better, more transparent data around how ingredients are made in order to make the sustainable choice. 

19:20 What can we do as a community to support this transition

Create projects and prototypes to test our interconnectedness! 

20:00 How to get in touch with Pernille and KBH’s Madhus