Aquaculture is the farming of fish. As the fastest growing sector in animal food production, the industry has started to attract the interest of Silicon Valley. This might also be because aquaculture is some 20 years behind traditional agriculture in terms of development leaving it ripe for innovation.

We speak with Carsten Krome who is the Managing Partner of Hatch, the first global aquaculture accelerator program operating across Norway, Hawaii and Singapore and an investor into aquaculture with the fund Alimentos Ventures. He provides an excellent introduction to the aquaculture world and what we can look forward to in this space.

Carsten has his own entrepreneurial experience through his start-up as a prawn farmer in Malaysia and he holds a Ph.D. in feed science from the University of Stirling as well as a Masters in Marine Biology from the University of Kiel in Germany.

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Key Minutes & Notes

2:40 What is aquaculture?

4:00 What are the main methods for farming fish?

5:35 How does aquaculture compare to agriculture? 

Aquaculture is some 20 years behind agriculture. We have the opportunity to not make the same mistakes. 

7:08 What are the major trends you see in terms of startups?

11:30 Aquaculture seems to be separate from the FoodTech space. What can we do to better connect these parties? 

Aquaculture is a small global community. We kind of exist on our own little island. 

14:30 How does the Hatch accelerator program work compared to your investment arm 

19:00 You bring accelerator participants to Hawaii, Singapore, and Bergen. Why those hubs? 

Hawaii is like NASA for the aquaculture community. 

20:35 What is Bergen, Norway’s advantage as a community? 

In Norway, everyone talks aquaculture all the time. 

22:35 How can startups benefit from these cluster communities? 

23:35 Carsten shares a fun fact about eels

26:55 What is it you think the global FoodTech ecosystem will look like in 10-15 years? 

We will need to feed a billion more people. 

29:30 What infrastructure is do we need to get there? 

Diversity of food production is key.

31:00 How does your investment process work? 

32:10 How can listeners best get in touch? What kind of collaborations are you looking for?