Samuel Scheer works at Innovation Center Denmark in Tel Aviv, where they have a focus on accelerating Ag & FoodTech businesses. In this episode, we focus on how Nordic companies can tap foreign VC and ecosystems to grow globally. We especially focus on why the Danish-Israeli connection is so interesting, what we can learn from each other, and how you can make the most of the connections and market opportunities these centers have to offer.

1:55 What is Innovation Center Denmark?

4:21 How did the Tel Aviv Innovation Center come to have this major focus on food?
7:10 Why is Israel an entrepreneurial hotspot for food and agriculture?
Its a perfect storm.

11:14 How are you helping food entrepreneurs and researchers tap into what’s going on?
12:55 Who can use Danish Innovation Center’s services?
Nordic startups need to go out in the world!
14:30 What is the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tel Aviv? How is the culture different from Denmark?
20:40 How is the startup program structured?
21:30 What kind of companies are you looking for? What is the criteria for applying?
22:06 When is the next program?
Our success is measured by companies being able to raise investment later down the line
23:00 What do startups get out of the program? How do you measure that value?
25:23 Why are B2B companies more likely to benefit from the program and the Israeli environment?

27:00 What are your best tips for dealing with Israeli investors and overall cultural differences?

The Nordics are amazing at educating and empowering the world to live in greater harmony with the planet
32:55 What do you think we are missing to achieve that vision?
We want to grow this into a global program where over the course of 12-18 months, you go to the major markets that are relevant for access
37:50 How can listeners get involved and what’s the best way to contact you?