The food and ag entrepreneurship scene in the Nordics is exploding. Here are the Top 10 most downloaded interviews with founders on how they built and scaled their companies.


Over 10 years ago, Heini Zachariassen and his co-founder Theis Søndergaard founded Vivino. Today, Vivino’s 50 million users can purchase nearly 13 million wines from around the world. In this episode, Vivino Founder Heini Zachariassen shares the startup’s story of how they disrupted the wine industry. Find show notes here.

Nick’s Ice Cream

In 2014, Niclas (Nick) Luthman was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He had to change his diet, but he loved sweets. Listen to how this serial entrepreneur created a line of better for you, high-tech sweets and snacks that are now sold in 4,000 stores across the US and 15 countries across Europe. Find the show notes of how Nick’s Swedish-Style Ice Cream here.

Too Good To Go

True Gum