Over 10 years ago, Heini Zachariassen and his co-founder Theis Søndergaard founded Vivino because they were frustrated by not knowing which wine to buy. Today, Vivino’s 50 million users can purchase nearly 13 million wines from around the world. The Vivino community has scanned over 1.6 billion wine labels, written 72 million reviews, and given 204 million ratings on 13.5 million bottles of wine. In this episode, Vivino Founder Heini Zachariassen shares the startup’s story of how they disrupted the wine industry.

  • 6:30 How Vivino started
  • 10:30 The first MVP – staying lean and frugal
  • 16:15 The technology and community behind Vivino
  • 30:30 The moment Vivino found product-market fit
  • 40:00 Lessons in leadership

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