Björn Öste founded Oatly with his brother Rickard in 1994. Fast forward to today and Oatly IPOed in May 2021 at a value of $10 billion. But how did this startup from Lund, Sweden become the world’s leading alt-milk brand? We cover Oatly’s startup journey from the early academic days focused on lactose intolerance to the development of their famous barista strategy. We also cover the brothers’ other entrepreneurial endeavors to develop food with clear health benefits. Find show notes here.


Over 10 years ago, Heini Zachariassen and his co-founder Theis Søndergaard founded Vivino. Today, Vivino’s 50 million users can purchase nearly 13 million wines from around the world. In this episode, Vivino Founder Heini Zachariassen shares the startup’s story of how they disrupted the wine industry. Find show notes here.

Nick’s Ice Cream

In 2014, Niclas (Nick) Luthman was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He had to change his diet, but he loved sweets. Listen to how this serial entrepreneur created a line of better for you, high-tech sweets and snacks that are now sold in 4,000 stores across the US and 15 countries across Europe. Find the show notes of how Nick’s Swedish-Style Ice Cream here.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go enables consumers to buy food that would otherwise be thrown out at the end of the day. The idea started in Denmark and has quickly spread across Europe to the US with everyone from mom and pop bakeries to big grocery retailers getting on board. Join us as we discuss their ambitious strategy to fight food waste around the world. See full show notes here.

Hey Planet

Insects are a tiny, but mighty food source that can fight poverty, boost nutrition, reduce pollution, and combat climate change. Malena Sigurgeirsdóttir is the co-founder of Hey Planet (formerly Wholi Foods), which was one of the first European companies to produce products with insect protein. Malena gives us the inside scoop on how insects solved her own health issues and why soon they may not feel like such a novel food.  Find ful show notes here.

True Gum

In 2016, Peter Juul Regnersgaard and his co-founders realized that most gum is made with a plastic core. This launched a hobby project, which turned into a business to see if a plastic-free gum could be made. It took the founders 472 prototypes until they finally perfected the recipe in their home kitchens and launched True Gum, which is now sold all across Europe. Listen as the CEO shares how they went up against industry conglomerates and set up a factory with no prior food production experience. Find full show notes here.


Charlotte Aschim is CEO and Co-Founder of the Norwegian startup TotalCtrl, which makes food waste prevention software for grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants. Charlotte has been named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste change makers, one of the top 80 Norwegian leaders under 35, and is a European Green Capital Ambassador. Find the show notes here.