Charlotte Aschim is CEO and Co-Founder of the Norwegian startup TotalCtrl, which makes food waste prevention software for grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants. Charlotte has been named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste change makers, one of the top 80 Norwegian leaders under 35, and is a European Green Capital Ambassador. TotalCtrl is looking to integrate with other software companies food management solutions so if you’re in that space, get in touch! in this episode, we also cover:

  • 1:40 How Total Ctrl works
  • 6:00 Players and difference in the food loss and food waste space
  • 14:50 The impact of regulation
  • 16:00 The Norwegian food scene
  • 21:25 Vision for the future and desired collaborations

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Key Minutes & Show Notes

1:40 What is Total Ctrl?

Our vision is to eliminate and prevent food waste.

2:20 How does Total Ctrl work?

Expiration dates are one of the biggest pain points.

4:20 Who are your clients?

5:10 What numbers on your impact can you share?

We can reduce food waste by 85% and save time spent on food waste management by 90%. Doing so also reduces overall costs.

6:00 Who do you admire that’s working in the food loss / food waste space?

7:10 What other problems still need to be solved in this space?

The inventory systems that the industry uses are not being utilized in the best way possible. A lot of data that could drive efficiencies is being wasted.

9:25 What is the difference between food loss and food waste companies?

10:20 Why did you start Total Ctrl?

I’ve worked since I was 12. One of my jobs was in a supermarket where I could see the food wasted firsthand.

11:40 What are the challenges of expanding a startup to the United States?

The issues around food waste management are the same. It’s not digital. The structure of the organizations is also the same.

14:50 How are regulations around food loss and food waste affecting the space?

A lot of our customers aren’t prepared for these new laws to be implemented. We want to make sure a law isn’t being put into place without thinking of the repercussions.

16:00 What’s happening in the Norwegian food scene?

There is a community specifically around food waste.

21:25 What is your vision for the food system in 10-15 years?

That it becomes sustainable. We’re far from that right now. We should have more traceability and use the data better.

22:00 What are we missing to get there?

A lot! A big challenge is the power balance in the food industry. There’s a lot of paperwork. The consumer is getting more aware of what’s happening, but there’s still a gap of knowledge around just how unsustainable the food system is. That’s an easy fix. It’s just about gaining more knowledge.

23:35 What kind of collaborations are you looking for?

We’d love to get in touch with other software companies who have synergies with ours. We’d like to integrate to make sure we’re working together. Everyone is using different software that’s not really connected so there is a lot of potential there.

25:25 Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you want to mention?

The timing is really good right now to start a company in the food space! Everybody needs to eat.

27:50 What’s the story behind the company name?