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CPH Food Space’s Mia Maja Hansson on building infrastructure to help food startups scale

Mia Maja Hansson helped to grow food entrepreneurship by establishing many of the spaces and facilities that Copenhagen food entrepreneurs use to get their businesses off the ground. This includes CPH Food Space, Street Food Around the Lakes, and Kitchen Collective. We discuss what each of these initiatives are as well as how and why they got started. We also dive into the history of food entrepreneurship and gastronomy in Copenhagen including what makes it such an innovative environment. 

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DTU FoodLab’s Roberto Flore on innovation from universities and designing conscious food solutions

Roberto Flore is the Manager of DTU FoodLab, part of the Danish Technical University’s incubator/maker space DTU Sky Lab. Roberto is the former Head of R&D at Noma’s Nordic Food Lab. In 2017, Rolling Stone Magazine cited Roberto as one of 25 innovators who are changing the world. In this episode, we discuss how DTU Foodlab is sparking radical innovation by using food to build bridges between disciplines and address the grand global challenges. We also talk about how students & entrepreneurs can get involved and access the lab. 

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Nordetect’s Keenan Pinto on building AgTech hardware in the Nordics

Keenan Pinto, is the founder and CEO of Nordetect, which enables farmers to test their own soil samples for Nitrogren Phosphorous, and Potassium and then see the results in real time. This not only enables smarter farming practices, but also prevents over-fertilizing. With a diverse scientific and international background, Keenan shares his advice, lessons learned, and smart cuts for starting an Ag or FoodTech hardware / software company in the Nordics. We also discuss the pros and cons of building and scaling a company in Denmark.

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Agro Business Park’s Claus Mortensen on government’s resources for helping startups to scale

Claus Mortensen is the Site Manager for Agro Business Park and the Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator. His job is basically to help startups’ solve the barriers holding them back from scaling across the EU. That could be sourcing, production, distribution, funding, etc. With offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Viborg, Agro Business Park is a gateway to the Danish food scene and offers a ton of opportunities and resources. We touch open all of these as well as how he expects the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem to evolve. 
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FoodStack Community’s Frederik Lean on how the future of food is open sourced

The FoodStack Community started as a Facebook group and quickly evolved into a powerful grassroots movement of food enthusiasts, makers, doers, biohackers, and entrepreneurs gathering together in their free time to develop new food solutions.

Frederik Lean is one of the forces that got the group off the ground. In this episode, he tells the story of how FoodStack got started and why it’s been so important for the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem to gather centrally. We also discuss the application of open source principles to food and how co-ops are being revamped for vertical farming.

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