Roberto Flore is the Manager of DTU FoodLab. Since 2014, Roberto has been working inside and outside of the university environment to further the application of food-related innovation in a real-world context and to encourage hands-on learning. Roberto is the former Head of R&D of the Nordic Food Lab, the open source laboratory founded by Rene Redzepi of restaurant NOMA. In 2017, Rolling Stone Magazine cited Roberto as one of 25 innovators who are changing the world. In this episode, we discuss how DTU FoodLab is sparking radical innovation by using food to build bridges between disciplines and address the grand global challenges. We also talk about how students & entrepreneurs can get involved and access the lab. 

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Key Minutes & Show Notes

1:08 When did you first realize you wanted to work with food? 

2:20 How did you end up in Copenhagen?   

5:50 What does DTU FoodLab do?   

11:38 What are opportunities available for students vs startups?   

16:40 What are some of the cool projects happening at DTU Food?   

21:09 How is the space designed for thinking radically and promoting diverse food perspectives?   

26:19 What are the facilities available?   

31:50 What is your vision for what the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem should look like in 10-15 years? 

33:40 What’s next for the FoodLab and how can we get involved?