Mia Maja Hansson helped to grow food entrepreneurship by establishing many of the spaces and facilities that Copenhagen food entrepreneurs use to get their businesses off the ground. This includes CPH Food Space, Street Food Around the Lakes, and Kitchen Collective. We discuss what each of these initiatives are as well as how and why they got started. We also dive into the history of food entrepreneurship and gastronomy in Copenhagen including what makes it such an innovative environment.

2:25 What was the FoodTech community like around 2014 compared to how it looks today? Why was that motivation to start some of your projects?

5:00 What is CPH Food Space vs Kitchen Collective vs Street Food Around the Lakes?
7:28 CPH Food Space is run as a cooperative, how does that work practically?
In CPH Space,  we work open, diverse, and generous in order to create good clean, and fair food.
8:39 What other projects/services are you involved in to help startups?

11:20 How would you describe the Danish FoodTech ecosystem? What are the strengths and weaknesses? And do you see any trends among the startups?
Maybe it’s even too early in our own history to explain why this is happening.
19:05 What background do you see food entrepreneurs happening? Why aren’t there more chefs?
22:16 What are some of the common mistakes you see entrepreneurs making?
23:14 Are there any great stories or projects you’d like to highlight?
25:07 What is your vision for what the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem should look like in 10-15 years?
26:21 What’s next for you? What can we look forward to?
27:49 How can listeners get involved?
28:10 Where are most of the startups in your community based from?