If you’re into food and find yourself in Sweden, then one of your first points of contact should definitely be Sweden FoodTech’s Johan Jörgensen. The org is fully focused on developing the ecosystem through community, events, and biz dev assistance. Johan is an Internet entrepreneur turned investor with 20+ years of experience under his belt. He was once voted Best Investor in Sweden. Listen in as we discuss the ins and outs of Sweden’s FoodTech ecosystem including Stockholm’s plans to become a future food city.

Key Minutes & Show Notes

2:35 What is Sweden FoodTech and what is your role in the organization?

5:02 When did Sweden FoodTech started? What was the state of the food ecosystem in Sweden back then? 

Food is a belief system. Data can tell you the truth. 

7:20 How food is killing the planet 

Some say we have only 60 harvests left on the planet. 

9:55 Stockholm has declared itself a future food city. What is the vision you see when you think of a city becoming a food hub?

We need to build future cities with food as the core thinking and planning object. Then we start to see totally new, reimagined urban areas. 

13:00 What governance body is in charge of making Stockholm a future food city and how are you approaching implementing the idea?

Food will drive the urbanization of the planet. 

15:00 How would you describe the FoodTech ecosystem of Sweden and it’s different regions. 

We don’t have any food traditions so we’re not stuck in a system of the past. 

18:30 How does Sweden FoodTech directly work with startups and collaborate with other stakeholders? 

22:00 What are some common mistakes you see startups making? Any advice you’d give?

It’s time for big thoughts and ideas! We need to look back and see that our time was defined by big changes in the food system. If that’s not the case, then we are probably dead. 

26:00 Are we thinking big enough in the Nordics or are we stuck?

Changing the food system means building a new society and that’s what we’re really good at in the Nordics.

28:00 What is your vision for the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem in 10-15 years? 

We have to be realists about what food is. If it’s not contributing health and sustainability, then it shouldn’t be on the market at all. 

29:45 What is the ecosystem missing in order to realize this vision?