Claus Mortensen is the Site Manager for Agro Business Park and the Copenhagen Agrifood Incubator. His job is basically to help startups’ solve the barriers holding them back from scaling across the EU. That could be sourcing, production, distribution, funding, etc. With offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Viborg, Agro Business Park is a gateway to the Danish food scene and offers a ton of opportunities and resources. We touch open all of these as well as how he expects the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem to evolve.

Lear more about Agro Business Park on their website here.

2:00 What is Agro Business Park?

4:50 What is the Danish food innovation climate? Claus explains the differences between the regions and what each has to offer when it comes to starting a company.

Our network consists of 1800 Ag/Food organizations in Denmark

6:38 What are the services Agro Business Park provides for startups in the Ag/Food space?

12:00 How can international companies that want to enter Denmark use Agro Business Park?

13:00 Is there something similar to Agro Business Park in the other Nordic countries?

We haven’t come across another organization doing our model in the Nordics.

13:50 What are some fo the common mistakes you see Food/Ag startups making when launching in the Nordics?

17:10 What is the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem missing in order to help startups scale?

18:20 What production facilities are available for startups?

19:06 What do you hope the Nordic FoodTech Ecosystem will look like in 10-15 years?

23:12 What untapped opportunities or resources do you see startups missing out on?

24:45 What are the trends you see startups working on?

27:20 What’s next for Agro Business Park?

28:50 How can listeners get involved or contact you? You can find Claus on LinkedIn.