What’s the connection between hormonal health, nutrition, and our food system? Join Analisa in conversation with Haley Nicole, a women’s health and fertility guide. Haley started her women’s health coaching business, ⁠Root & Womb Collective⁠ , in 2019 after a long and challenging journey with hormonal birth control. This episode aims to demystify the complexities of hormonal health and inspire listeners to foster a deeper connection with their bodies. Join Analisa and Haley as they discuss the role of hormones in both men and women’s health and how it connects to our food system.  

What we cover:

  • How hormones govern our body 
  • Why hormones are deeply influenced by the food we eat
  • The difference between male and female hormonal health 
  • Eating to support your hormonal health 
  • How eating disorders impact hormonal health
  • Birth control’s impact on hormonal health 

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