The Danish king established salt production in Iceland in the 18th century using geothermal energy. The production stopped a few decades later, but the tradition was not lost forever. In 2011, Björn Steinar Jónsson co-founded Saltverk, re-instating Icelandic salt production in one of the most remote parts of Europe. The result is a delicious, hand-harvested flaky sea salt that tastes like the ocean and is used by many of the best restaurants in the world. Join us we explore Saltverk’s startup journey. 

  • 10:00 Producing salt with geothermal energy
  • 16:00 Selling to restaurants
  • 24:00 Finding product market fit
  • 35:30 How Saltverk self-funded growth 
  • 43:00 Setting up production

Episode Transcript

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