The FoodStack Community started as a Facebook group and quickly evolved into a powerful grassroots movement of food enthusiasts, makers, doers, biohackers, and entrepreneurs gathering together in their free time to develop new food solutions.

Frederik Lean is one of the forces that got the group off the ground. In this episode, he tells the story of how FoodStack got started and why it’s been so important for the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem to gather centrally. We also discuss the application of open source principles to food and how co-ops are being revamped for vertical farming.

Check out their website here.

4:15 How did FoodStack get started?
9:25 Why is the interest in FoodStack so strong?
14:20 What kind of projects does FoodStack work on?
16:40 How is FoodStack renewing the co-op model for vertical farming?

19:50: How is FoodStack organized?

21:52 How does FoodStack collaborate with industry?

22:55 What’s missing for the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem to evolve?

We have to take a decision in the Nordics about what we want to do with food technologies and agree on some principles to make sure that what we’re creating is future positive
25:45 what are the strengths of the Nordic FoodTech ecosystem?
28:40 What will the ecosystem look like in 10-15 years?

30:26 How can one get involved with Foodstack?

31:50 What’s next for the FoodStack Community?

32:50 What Facilities the FoodStack Community is building for startups based in Copenhagen?