Diego Prado is the Head of R&D at Alchemist Explore – the research and development arm of restaurant Alchemist focused on making new dishes and conducting scientific research on products and techniques that create future building blocks for gastronomy. Alchemist was founded in 2015 by Rasmus Munk and introduced a new approach to gastronomy called Holistic Cuisine, which looks at the whole instead of the parts. In this episode, we explore how the Alchemist brings artists, designers, engineers, researchers and chefs together to challenge food as we know it.

  • 10:20 An intro to Holistic Cuisine
  • 14:40 Restaurant Alchemist vs the R&D Test Kitchen
  • 22:30 Academic papers as a foundation for new dishes
  • 28:30 What food will look like in space
  • 38:30 Eating invasive species from jellyfish to butterflies

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