Who doesn’t love a great meal or glass of vino? Here are some of our most popular podcasts looking at how restaurants and winemakers are doing things differently and using their platforms for change. We cover everything from zero food waste to producing wine for socio-economic development.

Coffee Collective

Klaus Thomsen is one of the Founders of Coffee Collective. Their goal is to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences, in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe. For nearly, 15 years they have been pushing the coffee industry to do business differently. In this episode, we discuss their many initiatives from transparently sharing what they pay for coffee to going carbon neutral by 2022. Their dream is for a coffee farmer in Kenya to obtain the same status and living conditions as a winegrower in France. See more here.

Alchemist – Holistic Cuisine

Diego Prado is the Head of R&D at Alchemist Explore – the research and development arm of restaurant Alchemist focused on making new dishes and conducting scientific research on products and techniques that create future building blocks for technology. Alchemist was founded in 2015 by Rasmus Munk and introduced a new approach to gastronomy called Holistic Cuisine, which looks at the whole instead of the parts. In this episode, we explore how the Alchemist brings artists, designers, engineers, researchers and chefs together to challenge food as we know it.

Amass – Sustainable Fine Dining

Amass has been recognized multiple times not only as one of the best restaurants in the world, but also as one of the most sustainable. For them, a zero waste kitchen has been an incredible creative constraint inspiring major changes to how this fine dining institution cooks, recycles, sources, and operates in their local environment. Find full show notes here.

Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway where he imports, roasts and serves high-quality coffees. Tim has won multiple international barista competitions and is known for his ability to create great taste. In this episode, we trace Tim’s career starting as a barista, moving into coffee roasting, and then starting his own Farm, Finca el Suelo, in Columbia where he practices biological coffee farming. We also discuss how Tim works closely and transparently with farmers to improve their coffee quality. See more here.

Juno the Bakery & Heritage Grains

For the last 10 years, Noah Erhun has worked in artisanal bakeries in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and today in Denmark where he leads production at Juno The Bakery in Copenhagen. His expertise is in naturally leavened breads and heritage grains. In this episode, Noah takes us on a ride through time and around the world as we explore how heritage grains are making a comeback with the surprising help of Instagram. See full show notes here.

Chufly Imports – Wine for Economic Prosperity

Chufly Imports uses wine to create economic prosperity. They import and market a portfolio of premium wine and spirits from the world’s lesser-developed countries expanding market access, promoting social mobility, and fostering economic diversification. In this episode, we explore why a diplomat started a wine company and take a look at Bolivia’s five-century old wine-making tradition. Find full show notes here.

Dyrehøj Vineyard – Producing Wine in the Nordics

Climate change is warming the Nordics making it increasingly possible to produce wine commercially. Recently, the New York Times published a front page article exploring the budding scene of wine makers who see the Nordics as the next frontier. Betina Newberry owns Denmark’s largest vineyard, Dyrehøj Vingaard, along with her brother. This episode is full of insights on what it takes to produce wine in the Nordics and how the industry is developing as Betina shares her entrepreneurial journey. See full show notes here.