Influencers are tastemakers. From social media to newsletters, these thought leaders are a channel for promoting new ideas and connecting people, often with a global reach.

Anders Husa & Kaitlin Orr – Food Bloggers

Anders Husa (@anderhusa) and Kaitlin Orr (@carnivorr) are Scandinavia’s most influential restaurant bloggers with an audience of over 300,000 people on Instagram, YouTube, and their website. Both Husa and Orr are global jurors for the 360° Eat Guide, which promotes sustainability in the food industry, and official TasteHunters (digital ambassadors) for The World’s 50 Best. They are also behind the food community The Hungries. Find full show notes here.

C40 Cities Food Network

The C40 network consists of 97 cities representing 700+ million citizens and 1/4 of the global economy. The mayors of these cities are committed to delivering on the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement at the local level and C40 supports them in collaborating effectively and sharing knowledge to take climate action. Zachary Tofias is the Director of the Food and Waste Program at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. We discuss the ins and outs of how C40 works, the power of cities to create change, and how to spread good ideas. See show notes here.

Daniel Skaven Ruben – FoodTech Weekly Newsletter

Daniel is also the author behind the FoodTech Weekly newsletter as well as a mentor to several FoodTech accelerators and an advisor to a number of startups in the food and ag space. For many years, Daniel was a consultant to The Rockefeller Foundation Food Initiative working with their Food System Vision Prize. Daniel shares some of the visions he sees developing in the Nordics compared to other parts of the globe. We also talk about what it takes to turn these visions into realities. Find show notes here.

Matt Homewood – Dumpster Diver & Food Activist

Matt Homewood better known as @anurbanharvester is a food waste activist. He is part of a community of urban harvesters who have taken to social media to document their dumpster diving finds. Matt is particularly interested in raising awareness around supermarket food waste that he sees thrown out. In this episode, we talk about Matt’s journey to becoming a food waste activist, how to dumpster dive, the economics behind why this is happening, and what needs to change. See full show notes here.

Gustav Johansson – Vegan Blogger

Gustav Johansson is behind Sweden’s largest vegan food blog – Jävligt Gott. He’s also the author of two vegan cookbooks – one covers Swedish comfort food and the other is for athletes. Gustav’s work is fascinating. He develops recipes that don’t require consumers to sacrifice the tastes they love or dishes they grew up with in order to eat more sustainably. He works with supermarket chains and food entrepreneurs to ensure that the vegan products people want make it to market and that people know how to cook with new products to increase adoption. See full show notes here.

AgFo – Journalism from Farm to Fork

Not long ago, Frida Jonson and her co-founder Lovisa Madås realized that the FoodTech and AgTech worlds were unfolding in parallel. No journalism outlet was covering all sides of the story from farm to fork. So, they started AgFo, a digital media outlet covering the intersection of agriculture and food in Sweden. Frida gives us a front-row seat to the conversations being had, the emerging trends, and collaborations to look out for. We also discuss why journalism is important for ecosystem development and connecting diverse communities. See full show notes here.

Sweden FoodTech

If you’re into food and find yourself in Sweden, then one of your first points of contact should definitely be Sweden FoodTech’s Johan Jörgensen. The org is fully focused on developing the ecosystem through community, events, and biz dev assistance. Listen in as we discuss the ins and outs of Sweden’s FoodTech ecosystem including Stockholm’s plans to become a future food city. See show notes here. Find show notes here.