Daniel is a consultant to The Rockefeller Foundation Food Initiative. He previously supported the Foundation’s food and agriculture strategy refresh. Now he supports the Foundation’s work to advance a more nourishing and sustainable food system. Daniel is also the author behind the FoodTech Weekly newsletter as well as a mentor to several FoodTech accelerators and an advisor to a number of startups in the food and ag space. In every episode of this show, we ask guests what their vision for the future of the food system is as well as what’s missing to make that vision a reality. Since 2019, The Rockefeller Foundation has run a Food System Vision Prize, distributing prize money to organizations across the globe that develop and share their vision for the future food system that they aspire to create by the year 2050. Join us as we discuss the vision that Daniel sees developing in the Nordics compared to what he sees happening in other parts of the globe. We also talk about what it takes to turn these visions into realities. To join the Nordic FoodTech fall coaching program, sign up for a discovery call here. For live interviews, check out our Instagram here

  • 8:00  The Food System Vision Prize
  • 19:00 How visions for our food system have changed over history
  • 22:30 The Nordic food system vision vs other parts of the world 
  • 36:30 How COVID-19 is impacting the food system

5:30 What does the Rockefeller Foundation do?

It’s about nourishing people in an environmentally sustainable way.

8:00  What is the Food System Vision Prize? What are the different kinds of visions you saw come from different corners of the globe?

Without a positive vision for the future, we can’t unleash the innovation and entrepreneurship we need to get there.

12:00 What’s the common vision for what our future food system will be?

16:30 How do you empower people to make these visions a reality?

Step 1 is to envision the future you want. Step 2 is to build it.

19:00 How has the vision for our food system changed over history?

22:30 How does the Nordic food system and their vision compare to other parts of the world?

The Nordics have great tech ecosystems.

25:00 What are the Nordics missing for developing our food ecosystem?

It starts with the people.

32:30 What is your vision for the future food system in 10-15 years?

34:00 What are we missing to get there?

36:30 How has COVID-19 impacted our future food system?

This whole crisis probably started with a food choice.

41:30 What collaborations are you looking for and how can someone get in touch?