Jesper Hansen started his career as a Michelin chef before getting into fish. He was the Sous Chef of Søllerød Kro in Denmark helping the famous fine dining restaurant get its first star in 2006.  Then his career took a turn. Today, Jesper is the Executive Managing Director of Fiskerikajen, a modern-day fishmonger that has been selling sustainably sourced fish to many of the best and most famous restaurants in the world since 1999

A big thank you to Wavy Wonders seaweed snacks for sponsoring this episode.Today, you’re going to hear Jesper talk a lot about how we can respect our seas by minding what we consume and where it comes from. Seaweed is a great example of a sea vegetable that is not only wildly delicious, but also does wonders for the environment. If you are hosting a conference, event, or have a workplace where you’d like to serve healthy, sustainable snacks, Wavy Wonders is a great choice. Visit their website to learn more.

Episode Transcript

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